Our Story

We believe our children have a right to equitable access of a post-secondary education in whatever form that may take. Whether it is a traditional college degree, a professional certification for employment or learning a trade through vocational programs, post-secondary education is for everyone. It is our mission to take the confusion and hesitations out of that process.

Our approach

Team work is what will make our dream work. We know the success of our initiative lies squarely on the relationships we develop and the trust we build.

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How we do it

Greeting by greeting and meeting by meeting. Every relationship we build begins with a conversation. We don’t just want to hear what you have to say, we need to hear what you have to say. Our directives and new initiatives have all come from honest and real conversations with our community members. So, let’s meet.

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What we've done

In our first “official” year, we have built a membership that includes over 150 community individuals that represent over 50 separate business organizations, nonprofits, post-secondary institutions, grassroots and faith-based organizations. It’s been an incredible experience to watch those community members come to table and create some very special events and programs.

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Join the movement

Currently we have over 50, nonprofit, education and corporate partners working alongside community members who are actively involved in this effort. They are committed to supporting its progress and success in improving college access and completion for all our Palm Beach County students. You and/or your organization are welcome to come join us in our mission in any of the following ways:

Provide financial contribution

The growth of our organization is in direct proportion to the success of our initiatives. We’re dreaming big for our youth and community and with your assistance, we can create stronger programs and supports to broaden their reach throughout our county.


Provide in-kind support

We know our community is incredibly rich and dynamic in resources so we welcome the opportunity to share your resources whether it be a venue for our Community Convenings or materials and meals for our youth programs.

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Join an action team

No single person has all the answers, which is why we would be happy to pull up a chair for you at one of our Action Teams. There you will be able to share your concerns, ideas and experience to help us drive the initiatives.

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Join a support team

Our Action Teams are amazing but maintaining the data they generate as well as putting the word out on all their initiatives is just as important. If you enjoy the creativity that comes with working on various online platforms or if you have a flair for recording, maintaining and evaluating data, we welcome you to join on of our Support Teams.

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Create an opportunity for Achieve Palm Beach County

Do you know a group that would like to have a Khan Academy or FAFSA Lab held for them, or be trained on MyCareerShines? What about an organization that would like to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it? Please feel free to contact us so we can reach out to them and make that connection.

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Meet our team

Our team members are here to facilitate the work, collect the data and celebrate the successes with the community and just like our county, they are a diverse and dynamic group dedicated to the success of our youth.

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Get involved

Achieve Palm Beach County is made up of members who are just like you because we are residents just like you. We want to see our youth succeed and our community thrive. With your help, we can create sustainable changes that will positively impact our community for future generations.

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