Our approach

Achieve Palm Beach County is a community-based collective impact initiative comprised of more than 150 individuals representing 50 organizations and entities. These encompass local grassroots organizations, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, post-secondary institutions, government entities, funders and business partners that are focused solely on preparing our underserved middle and high school students to enroll into a post-secondary education program and graduate within six years of enrollment.

Using a collective impact approach, we are connecting various groups and individuals to a rich pool of existing community resources intended to create sustainable supports for our students and families while strengthening community relationships. We focus on four major areas of support that students, parents and families often report is lacking:

  • Middle & High School Advising & Guidance
  • Post-High School Advising & Guidance
  • Financial Supports
  • Career Pathways

Learn how these groups are working together to accomplish our collective goals.

Our vision

We believe that every child in Palm Beach County has a right to equitable access to a post-secondary education that will allow them to secure a career that can provide them with a sustainable living wage. To that end, we are committed to providing parents and families with the resources and supports needed to guide students to a post-secondary education (which includes degrees, professional certifications and vocational job training) and help them successfully navigate through to graduate within six years of high school graduation.

Our mission

The mission of Achieve United Way Palm Beach County is to collectively ensure an integrated and effective system of supports from middle school through post-secondary that empowers students for career success.

Guiding principles

Everything we do at Achieve Palm Beach County is aimed at one thing- assuring that every child in our county has equitable access to the supports they need to successfully get through and graduate from high school and further, to complete a post-secondary education in any of its forms. We believe that every student can achieve their educational goals and attain the career that will provide them with a sustainable living wage.

College completion

The term “college completion” includes any form of post-high school credential which includes traditional two-year and four-year degrees, professional certificates, vocational programs and military service.

Celebrating individuality

The route to and through college will be different for each student. We believe in providing students with resources and supports that will help them achieve their unique educational goals.

Together we are one

Ours is a richly diverse community where our differences and experiences are to be celebrated because they add to the richness of what we can accomplish-together.

Collective impact

The collective impact model allows issues to be identified by the community that will result in effective solutions organically derived from the community because no one knows Palm Beach County better than its’ residents.

Let’s talk

It all starts with a conversation. What are the post-secondary attainment issues that you want to address? Come join us at the table to share your concerns and vision for our community.

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How we do it

We are a collective impact organization which means our work, initiatives and directives all come from one place – the community. You’re the reason we’re here and It is our job to make sure all the voices at the table are heard and have a say in how we move forward.

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Get involved

Achieve Palm Beach County is made up of members who are just like you because we are residents just like you. We want to see our youth succeed and our community thrive. With your help, we can create sustainable changes that will positively impact our community for future generations.

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